What are Complexity Points?

The cloud-costs for building schedules with the FAST System are proportional to a complicated combination of data storage requirements and computational workloads.  At one extreme, some users may have simple data structures but perform scheduling operations virtually all day long.  At the other extreme, some users have complex data structures but use the computational power of the FAST engine only a few times per month.  To simplify the cost structure for our users, we have developed a single parameter that combines the factors for which we are charged by the hosting service.  We call this parameter “Complexity Points”.  Each subscription level is provided a budget of Complexity Points per month.  The System allows administrators to see the cumulative total of their Complexity Points as the month progresses.  We have implemented a series of notifications that will be received by users as they approach their limit for the month.  There are no hard usage stops unless limits are exceeded after warnings are ignored for an extended period.  No user will lose data or access to the system without ample notification and a reasonable grace period during which they can decide on a path forward.

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