What is available at the SITE level, the DOMAIN level, and the PLAN level?

A site is an account for billing purposes.  Each Site is registered at a particular subscription level.  All activities performed by the site contribute to a work load for that Site and are accumulated monthly.  An Administrator will be identified for each Site.  That administrator specifies a list of users and may assign different privileges to each user.  For example, some users will be able to perform all scheduling and editing functions, others may be limited to read-only privileges.

 Within a Site, there can be as many different Domains as you wish.  For example, a hospital might be a site and that hospital might wish to schedule surgical procedures in one Domain, lab activities in another Domain, and nursing assignments in still another Domain.  Similarly in a manufacturing setting, there could be different factory locations, each described in a different Domain.  Resources are associated with each Domain.  That is, each Domain has its own set of resources.

A Plan (timeline or schedule) is a set of scheduled activities.  Activities and Resource availability profiles are associated with a Plan.  There can be any number of Plans associated with each Domain.  Each Plan can have its own horizon (period of time within which activities are to be scheduled), and each can have its own set of assumptions such as resource availability, and/or options for constraint enforcement. There caould be many reasons for developing and maintaining several plans within a Domain.  For example, a planner may wish to investigate the difference between several sets of resource availability profiles or different operational assumptions. The system’s capability to maintain multiple plans facilitates schedule comparisons, what-if planning, the promotion of working schedules to approved levels, development of expansion or downsizing strategies etc.

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