What is a Tag and what it it used for?

 A “Tag” is a word, a short phrase, or a character sting that you can attach to an activity in order to view or perform an action simultaneously on all the activities with that Tag.  For example, you might want to schedule or unscheduled all the activities that have the same Tag.  Or, you might want to copy a set of activities and then save that copy with a new Tag.  Suppose, for example, you have a common sequence of activities that must be scheduled multiple times.  You can attach a common Tag to those activities and then copy that set multiple times, assigning each copy with a different Tag.  You can even set a different earliest start time and/or latest finish time for each copy.  The “Filter” button allows you to find all activities with the same Tag.

One Tag has an additional duty.  Together with the Activity Name, it identifies a unique occurrence of an activity.   It is called the “Name-Tag”.  The FAST system identifies each occurrence of an activity by using a pair of values, the first being the Activity Name and the second being the Name-Tag.     For example, an activity with the Name “Make Widget” and Name-Tag “order 123” is distinguished from the activity with the Name “Make Widget” and the Name-Tag “order 124”. 

If an activity is given a “Name Tag”, both the activity name and the name tag are shown in the Scheduled List and the Not Scheduled List thereby identifying the unique occurrence of the activity.  The "View" button on both lists allows you to see those lists organized by activity name or by "Name Tag" value.  If you view the list with the "Name Tag" view, the lists will be shortened, but you can expand any "Name Tag" to see the activities that share that same "Name Tag" value.

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