Basic Scheduling

On the Main Page, there are two lists that can be displayed alternatively.  One is the “Not Scheduled Activity” list and the other is the “Scheduled Activity” list.  Select the tab for the “Not Scheduled Activity” list.  Notice that the Activities you have defined now appear in that list.  Select some or all of the Activities from the “Not Scheduled Activity” list and hit the “Schedule” button.

  • The FAST system processes the Activities you’ve selected and schedules them when their required Resources are available. Scheduled Activities now appear on the “Scheduled Activity” list.
  • You can also view the results of scheduling on the right side of the Main Page. There you can select Resources to be displayed by specifying them in the pull-down menus at the top of the timeline area on the main page.
  • The zoom and scroll bars at the bottom of the timeline section of the display allow you to view the Resource assignments with whatever vantage point you need. Experiment with the zoom and scroll features to become familiar with the display options.
  • Dragging the cursor over the blue bars on this in the timeline area will show you the Activities that the Resources are supporting.

Clicking on any Activity on the “Scheduled Activity” list will bring up the Activity editor where the details of that activity’s scheduled time and its corresponding resource assignments are shown.

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